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Commitment To Service

Paula Sawyer is dedicated to service and value. As a licensed specialists, she sincerely enjoys what she does and it is reflective on the smiles and repeat business of her clients. She promises individual attention and great value for all customers.


Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment. I schedule appointments according to my availability and specialty. If you are running late, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you. Arriving late will likely limit the time allocated for your service; it will lessen the effectiveness and most importantly your pleasure and enjoyment. As a courtesy to all clients each service is completed as scheduled. Thank you for your consideration and understanding. Gratuities are not included in the price of services and are greatly appreciated. Suggestions are always welcome.

Salon Hours

Tuesday-Friday – 9am-4pm

Saturday – 9am-4pm

Sunday & Monday – Closed

Haircuts and Styles

Bang Trim– $7.50 (10 min)

For the in-between hair cuts trim. Bangs only!

Children’s Designer Cuts– $12.00 (30 min)

A designer hair cut just for the little ones. Ages 12 and under.

Senior Cut– $13.00

Precision cut of your choice for women ages 65 and over.

Women’s Designer Haircut– $20.00 (45 min)

Designer haircut of your choice. Shampoo not included.

Signature Shampoo & Style– $45.00 (90 min)

Enjoy a relaxing shampoo and massage and then blow dry or wrap and flat iron to finish the look. Clients with relaxed hair.

Roller Set– $35.00 (60 min)

Hair is shampooed and rolled on rollers and client is set under dryer. After removal of rollers, the hair is styled.

Rod Set– Starting at $55.00

Hair is set on perm rods/flexi rods in small sections to create a volume of curls. Includes shampoo and conditioner. Price depends on length of hair.

Color Services & Treatments

Semi-Permanent Color - $25.00 (30 min)

Contains no ammonia, deposit only, lasts 4-12 shampoos. Gray coverage. Safe to use immediately after relaxer or perm service.

Highlights– $40.00+ (180 min)

Consultation required. Adds extra dimension to your hair.

One Step Color– Price quoted at consultation (120 min)

Consultation required. Beautiful color in one step. Gray coverage. Lightening may be required if hair is too dark.

Two Step Color– Price quoted at consultation

Consultation required. Two quick steps that require lightening the darker hair to deposit a lighter color.

Hot Oil Treatments– $15.00 (30 min)

A heated oil is applied to damp hair and then rinsed out to provide the hair with moisture. A la carte

Deep Conditioning Treatment $15 – After shampooing client’s hair, deep conditioner is applied and client is put under dryer with a cap for 15-20 minutes.

Proplex Protein Treatment - $25

This uniquely formulated deep-penetrating hair Reconstructor, concentrated with protein and amino acids, restores and repairs severely damaged hair from the inside out.

Chemical Relaxers/Perms

Affirm Virgin Relaxer-$65+(120 min)

Hair has never been processed with any chemicals such as previous relaxers, perms, color, hair lightening etc., anything that can alter the natural effect of the hair. Price determined by length & volume of hair.

Affirm Fiberguard Relaxer Retouch– $65.00 (120 min)

Affirm Fiberguard Relaxer Retouch & Semi-Permanent Color– $85.00 (150 min)

Temporary color is applied after relaxer is processed.

Relax & Renew– $95.00 (150 mins)

Relax your hair with conditioning benefits of Affirm Relaxers and indulge in the renewing benefits of a FACIAL as we bring out your natural beauty with a glamourous MAKEUP.

Loc Services

Hot Oil Treatments– $20.00 (10 min)

After shampooing, an essential oil is applied to locs and client is put under the dryer to open the cuticle so oil can penetrate the cuticle.

Loc Trim/Cut– $15.00 (25 min)

Locs are trimmed or cut to shorten lengths or get rid of unwanted length.

Comb Twist/Starter Locs– $55.00+ (120 min)

Comb is used to wrap each sub-section around, coiling and twisting down the entire length of the hair. Can be worn as a style. Also used to start locs.

Loc Styling– Starting at $40.00 (90 min)

Locs are styled in creative designs. Locs must be medium to long. Includes shampoo and conditoner. Price depends on length and desired style.

Loc Rod Set – Starting at $50.00. Price depends on length.

Locs are set on rods to create waves or curls.

Loc Color (Full Head)-starting at $125.00 (180 min)

Consultation Required. Permanent color is applied all over to each locs. Lightening the locs may be required and will be determined at consultation. Price quoted at consultation.

Loc Color (Partial)– Starting at $75.00 (90 min)

Consultation Required.Permanent color applied to 1/2 head of locs. Lightening the locs may be necessary and will be determined at consultation. Price quoted at consultation.

Loc Highlight– Starting at $55.00. Consultation required.

Locs are lightened to desired level to achieve blonde. Price quoted at consultation.

Loc Palm Roll Maintenance– $55.00 (120 min)

Product is applied to new growth of loc and palm rolled to tighten new growth to the root. Lasts about 3 to 4 weeks.

Loc Grooming/Interlocking– starting at $85.00+ (300 min)

Tool is used to pull the length of the loc through the base of the loc til new growth is tighten down to the root. Results are long lasting. Fitness-friendly and low maintenance. Basic cornrow styling is included.

Loc Therapy– $65.00 (120 min)

Hot Oil Treatment & Palm Roll Maintenance. Indulge in a soothing shampoo with a scalp massage then treat locs to a hot oil treatment, palm roll maintenance to finish the look.

Ultimate Loc Therapy– $70.00 (150)

Enjoy the benefits of a scalp cleanse with refreshing products, then a relaxing shampoo, Indulge your locs with a essential hot oil treatment and palm roll maintenance and finish it off with a moisturizing scalp oil.

Natural Hair

If hair is unmanageable and detangling is required there may be an additional charge on all services at the discretion of the stylist.

Comb Twist– Starting at $55.00 (90 min)

Client’s hair is twisted with a comb or palm rolled with product to form an individual twist.

Rod Set– Starting at $50.00

Hair is set on perm rods/flexi rods in small sections to create a volume of curls. Includes shampoo and conditioner. Price depends on length and thickness of hair.

Men’s Services

Mustache & Beard Grooming– $10.00 (25 min)

Trim away stray hairs, condition your beard and polish your appearance.

Senior Haircut– $13.00 (25 min)

Men ages 65 and over receive special pricing. Includes hot towel, brow trim, ear and nose trim.

Men’s Haircut– $15.00 (30 min)

Includes tapers, fades etc. Ages 13 & over. Includes a hot towel or shampoo, brow trim, ear and nose trim.

Men’s Hair Color– $30.00 & up (120 min)

Consultation required. A new color to cover gray or change your hair color.

Men’s Highlights– $35.00 & up (120 min)

Adds dimension to your hair.


Crochet Braids Pre-twisted - starting at $75 (150 min)

Half Wig Install - $45.00+ (120 min)

The client’s hair is braided in a single braid around the client’s head. Then a half wig extension is attached with needle and thread to the braid to complete the style. Half Wig is provided by client.

Full Sew-In Extensions - Starting at $160.00 (210 min)

Consultation required to determine pricing. Client’s hair is braided to the scalp. Then extensions are attached to the braid using a needle and nylon thread.  Client’s hair must be clean, detangled and dry or there will be an extra charge. Hair is provided by the client.

Custom Made Wig - starting at $75 (180 min)

Consultation required. Human or synthetic tracks of hair extensions are attached to a wig cap and customized to fit clients head. Cut and styled as desired by client. Hair provided by client.

Quikweaves - $65.00 (180 min)

Clients hair is shampooed, then product is applied throughout client’s hair to form a smooth canvas. Hair is dried under the dryer and then tracked hair is attached to the canvas or cap and styled according to the client’s desire. Hair is provided by client.

Invisible Part Quikweave - $75.00 (210 min)

Same Procedure as a quikweave except client is able to wear their natural part. Hair is provided by client.

Partial Extension Service - Starting at $85.00 (180 min)

Consultation required. Extensions added to partial areas of the head. This is not an extension with a leave out.  Invisible Part Sew In Extension- Starting at $185. Consultation Required.

Extension Removal - Starting at $15 & up.

ONLY extensions is installed by me.  Price is determined by the difficulty required to take extension down. Usually the longer a client wears it the more difficult it is to take down.  Does not include shampoo, conditioning and detangling. A la carte.

Extensions with Frontal - starting at $235

Frontal piece is installed in the front perimeter of the client’s head creating a natural look. Offers client more parting options. Consultation is required for new clients. Does include shampoo, condition and blowdry. Does not include bleaching knots, extension/braid removal.There is an additional charge for these services.

Extensions with Closure - starting at $215

Closure is installed where part is desired by client. Offers client more natural look and requires no leave out. Consultation is required for new clients. Does include shampoo, condition and blowdry. Does not include bleaching the knots, or extension/braid removal. There is an additional charge for these services.

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  • “Paula is the only hairdresser in Lubbock that I would trust with my hair! She does a great job giving you what you ask for. She is super personable and friendly and very accommodating.”

    Nyasha Alufay

  • “I would recommend Paula to anyone. When you make an appointment with her she has a one on one. She does not rush to get you in and out.”

    Silvia Garcia

  • “Well once again, thank you so much. None of the extra stuff we discussed was even necessary -- after a shampoo it curled the same on both sides, just because of how solidly good the cut was. Best cut I have ever had in my life, not exaggerating. Genuinely loving my hair for probably the first time ever.”

    Lynda Reid

  • “This is a very professional, talented young lady she did my hair for the 1st time yesterday and I received compliments just walking out of the salon!!!! You did a great job Paula I will see u in a few weeks!!!”

    Teresa Longoria

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Phone: 806-507-5883

Xclusively Paula

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Lubbock, TX 79413

E-Mail: xclusivelypaula@gmail.com

Salon News

Salon Policy

XclusivelyPaula prides itself in excellence when it comes to customer care and service. To ensure a great salon experience for everyone we have the following salon policies.

Consultations are free. They are required for new customers that are interested in services that include: hair extensions, color or highlighting services.

This is a professional environment and no profanity, inappropriate conversations or music will be allowed in the salon. In the event there is continual misconduct after being warned by the salon professional your service will be discontinued and you will be dismissed from the premises.

Late Arrivals:
Please contact your salon professional before your appointment time if you will be more than 15 minutes late. If you are more than 15 minutes late without contacting us, your appointment will be rescheduled per stylist availability.

Missed Appointments:
If you miss an appointment without contacting your salon professional, you will be unable to schedule future appointments.

Cancellation Policy:
In the event you need to reschedule, modify or cancel your appointment, please provide a 24 hours notice directly to your salon professional for single services and a 48 hour notice for services lasting longer than 1 hour. This allows ample time for the salon professional to assist you in modifying or rescheduling or reassigning your appointment time to another client. Please be sure to call during business hours.

Prior to Appointment:
If you are receiving a service that does not include shampooing, conditioning and drying the hair this will incur additional charges. Such services include: cornrows, cornrows with extensions and hair extensions.

Please remove braids, extensions, twists or locs prior to your appointment. If your stylist has to remove any of the above without prior notice, this will incur additional time and charges. It may also result in the need to reschedule your appointment per stylist availability.

Please be sure to comb through the hair to remove any tangles after removing braids, extensions, twists or locs. If your stylist has to spend more than 20 minutes to detangle, this will incur additional time and charges. It may also result in rescheduling the appointment per stylist availability.

Each client is responsible for providing their own hair for services that require human or synthetic hair. The salon/stylist is not responsible for the quality, longevity or any problems that may occur with the hair after service is performed such as but not limited to shedding, thinning, movement, allergies, etc, of the hair fibers. Consultations are free and during this time the stylist can recommend brands of hair that will give the best results. Although the stylist may refer you to the company Mayvenn the salon/stylist responsible for any problems that may incur with the hair. They are an independent company responsible for returns, shipping and exchanges.

In the event you are receiving an extension service and will be re-using your hair, please have the hair properly clean, as in shampooed, detangled and dry. If the stylist has to prepare the hair for use there will be additional charges unless there has been prior notice to the stylist.

Please be advised when receiving hair extension services that include sewing or bonding installations, daily maintenance may loosen the extension. After a period of 14 days, there will be a charge for re-tightening the extensions. During this 14 day period, you will receive a one time visit to have your extensions re-tightened free of charge.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover credit/debit cards or cash only. No checks accepted.

Products may be returned up to 5 days from date of purchase. If product has been used and is not almost full there will be no refund.

XclusivelyPaula reserves the right to refuse service to any client or guest for improper conduct, tardiness, no shows, or any other situation we deem inappropriate.