Xclusively Paula

Xclusively Paula

Locs - Salon Services

Hot Oil Treatments - 20.00 (30 min)

After shampooing, an essential oil is applied to locs and client is put under the dryer to open the cuticle so oil can penetrate the cuticle.

Scalp Cleanse - 25.00 (45 min)

Product for dry and itchy scalp is applied directly to the scalp for minutes and then rinsed then moisturized.

Loc Trim/Cut - 15.00 (25 min)

Locs are trimmed or cut to shorten lengths or get rid of unwanted ends.

Comb Twist/Starter Locs - 50.00+ (120 min)

Comb is used to wrap each sub-section of around, coiling and twisting down the entire length of the hair. Great for shorter hair length.Also used to start locs.

Loc Styling

Locs are styled in creative designs. Locs must be at least shoulder length. Read More...

Loc Rod Set

Locs are set on rods to create waves or curls. Short to medium lengths. (shoulders & above) Read More...

Loc Color (Full Head) - price quoted at consultation (180 min)

Consultation Required. Permanent color is applied all over to each loc.

Loc Color (Partial) - price quoted at consultation (90 min)

Consultation Required. Permanent color applied to 1/2 head of locs

Loc Highlight - price quoted at consultation (180 min)

Consultation is required.

Loc Palm Roll Maintenance - 55.00 (120 min)

Product is applied to new growth of loc and palm rolled to tighten new growth to the root. Lasts about 3 to 4 weeks.

Loc Grooming/Interlocking - 85.00+ (300 min)

Tool is used to pull the length of the loc through the base of the loc til new growth is tighten down to the root. Results are long lasting. Fitness-friendly and low maintenance. Cost depends on new growth & time needed.

Salon Hours

Tuesday9am - 6pm
Wednesday9am - 5pm
Thursday9am - 6pm
Friday9am - 6pm
Saturday9am - 4pm
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